About me

“Real architecture is made of fog and light.
If you want to learn, you must study nature.”
Carlos Ruiz Zafón, City of Fog

These words have been accompanying my photographic journey for several years. And although I have already tried many paths, a vision that penetrates through me, bringing out a silent melody from my soul. I’m sharing this melody with you today.

My adventure with photography, as many may expect, began years ago. I reached for the camera entirely out of pure chance, as one of the next artistic forms of self-expression. The world that surrounded me at that time seemed to influence my work. That’s why as a teenager, looking for my way in this strange world, I tried many things. I experimented, invented, changed my mind, started over, caught up with new solutions and forms. And although the camera has always been my medium, I have never been able to define myself for longer than six months. What you currently see in my portfolio has matured in me for many long years and now I’m able to say with incredible joy that all these years of trials, disappointments and ups have finally had their finish and final form, from which I’m honestly proud. I feel that by creating my unusual world, I somehow vent my emotions, feelings, interests and desires. The vision of my hidden world is made in harmony with myself, which is why this field of art is so incredibly close to me. Finally, after so many years, a little girl’s dream of being an artist turned into a real craft and a way of life.

So let me introduce you to my magical dimension of self-portraits and photographs. It is a world full of fleeting moments, forgotten dreams, dark folklore, onirism, mystical coolness of the night and morning mists. Where there is no border between dreaming and waking. Where darkness and melancholy meet a fairytale…