Gallery of Photo Sessions

Misty Soothing

A foggy, slightly unconventional meeting, quite enigmatic and dreamlike. Full of the smell of summer, the coolness of the morning, warm summer memories, the first rays of th sun and the rustle of grass.

Gothic Dream

A gothic story that takes us, the viewers, to a completely different, new, alternative world. A world full of darkness, but also romance, passion and fleeting moments. Where dreams and reality are on an equal footing.

Walk in the Dream

A meeting that introduces a sleepy mood with its quiet melody, taking us to a completely new land. Let me invite you inside… make yourself comfortable and let yourself be carried away by your dreams.

Gothic Beauty

Let yourself be enchanted by the classic, gothic beauty surrounded by wildflowers, the coolness of the night and the morning melody of fog…

Mountain Dreams

Wrapped in the embrace of the mountains, cutting through the rain clouds. Among the rocks, water and wind they stand, embracing, kissing.

Call of the Mist

Dancing in the mists, running playfully through the tall grass. Loving beauty, nature, stars and the sun, wearing white dress…

Among the Rocks

A wedding meeting among rocks that have been whispering secrets and confessions of lovers for centuries. Quiet, raw and firm – like them.

Call of the Ancestors

Among the ferns, under the tree canopy, on the edge of the forest, she was sitting… pale, holding the sickle of her grandfathers, looking for stories.

Smell of the Mountains

The beauty of the mountains, mixed with fog, a light breeze, raindrops, a sincere smile, surrounded by embraces and hot kisses.