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The offer of a presets set is addressed to enthusiasts of original solutions related to photo processing. It is a package that will work well for photos with neutral and cool white balance. The composition was specially created that everyone can find something for themselves and enjoy the unconventional look of the photos. Presets will work best on photos with cooler white balance, no bright colors, with soft light, but this is not a rule. I believe that by using them, you will achieve a unique, magical effect.
Remember that the final effect depends on the original photo settings and its parameters. To enjoy the best effect, it is sometimes good to try some slight modifications to the photo before or after applying the preset. For a better, dream effect, sometimes it is worth lightening the photo a bit, darkening it, changing the white balance or contrast. Presets are a great help and direction in image processing, but never a ready effect. This is not a one-click solution for your photo to be ready. What the photo will look like in the end depends only on you.

“Victoria Veil Presets” is a package of 10 presets designed by me, which are compatible with the latest version of desktop Adobe Lightroom CC and Classic. I’m not responsible for installing them on older versions.
After completing the transaction, digital download will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you, which will contain the package with the purchased presets.
The preset package included 10 .XMP files supported by the latest version of desktop Adobe Lightroom CC and Classic.
The product is not refundable.