Services Offered

Portrait Photo Session

This is an option for those who are looking for an opportunity to create a unique series of portraits in an unconventional version. Portraits that will take you to the world of mystical magic, forgotten dreams, the coldness of the night and a pinch of mystery. Where light plays with shadow… The photo session takes place in my home studio, during which we are sure that no one will disturb us, and the conversation with the tea will allow us to get to know each other, introduce a pleasant atmosphere and ensure a creative process during the photo session. For the time of our meeting, I’m able to share with you two of my magical stylizations in which photos will be taken. Such a meeting guarantees you 5 or 10 photos after full graphic processing and usually lasts about an hour.

The cost of the session is:
5 photos – 350zł.
10 photos – 450zł.

Outdoor Photo Session

A photo session for those who love nature and want to be surrounded by it at every possible moment. For those who love a breeze that intensifies the dance of their hair, soft grass under bare feet, the coldness of mornings, the smell of damp and fog, the dance of storm clouds and the rustling of forests. The sweet scent of flowers and the soothing singing of birds in the bosom of nature… This meeting takes place outdoor and usually lasts from two to three hours. During such a walk, we have the opportunity to create many creative shots in the company of trees, forest meadows, wild flowers, mountain landscapes or lakes. It is up to you where we go, and then I will make the shots unforgettable and one of a kind. Let me introduce you to my magical world with this session, where the beauty and magic of nature blur the lines between reality and dream. For the time of our meeting, I’m able to share with you two unique stylizations from my wardrobe, in which the photos will be taken. Such a meeting guarantees you 5, 10 or 20 photos after full graphic processing.

The cost of the session is:
5 photos – 500zł.
10 photos – 600zł.
20 photos – 700zł.

Wedding Photo Session

An offer for those who want to create a unique, magical souvenir. Which brings a smile to your face, a shy tear in your eye, warmth in your heart and good memories. The outdoor wedding session will allow you, the future or current couple, to capture your love in the form of a photo, which will become the most important memory of this magical day for the rest of your life. Such a meeting usually lasts from four to six hours and takes place in two locations for a variety of surroundings or one specific location that requires a lot of time, such as mountain ranges and peaks, for example. Taking care of details, memories for the two of you and the characteristics of the photos, I try to choose places that will meet your expectations and turn out to be the perfect choice for our meeting and photo session. I wish that the received photos will allow you to recall memories and sink into your love again, each time. Such an all-day meeting guarantees you 50 photos after full graphic processing, sent electronically and in the form of a private online gallery encrypted with a password for a period of one year.

The cost of such service is 1200zł.


An offer for those who want something more from photography and dream of feeling like a character from your favorite movie, book or TV series. This is an opportunity for people who dream of becoming a flying witch on a broom, a vampire, a woman dancing among birds, bats or running with wolves under the full moon. I present a unique offer to create graphics – photomanipulations. Creating a complete graphic consists of three stages – the first stage is creating a concept art based on the client’s idea and what he would like to create. The second stage is a meeting at photo session, during which we create the necessary material for further processing. The final stage is a multi-hour graphic processing, photomontage and digital painting. Also! Everything is created by me, not by AI!

The cost of making 1 graphic is 500zł.